Last minute…..”What’s for dinner?”

Some days we are running around with one kid here and the other kid there.  Then we get home, once everyone is picked up, and it’s like “What’s for dinner?”  Usually there is some leftovers to put together or something in the pantry for the kids.  What about the allergic child though? not so easy.

I have to tell you, these nights are not my favorite as I stress about what to bring to the table.  I can feed my other two whatever, but my third I actually have to think about the ingredients and it usually has to be homemade…aaaahh.  No drive thru’s on the way home, well I guess I could for the other two but then I feel bad for my daughter who can’t just order from any drive thru window.

Thankfully…if it is a leftover night it would be some kind of casserole in the fridge that is actually full family friendly, so whew.  If its hey, “what’s in the pantry?” then a little more creativity is needed and that’s when the pasta noodles and sauce come in handy.  I have to say though my daughter’s favorite, other than pasta, are wraps where you can just add meat, veggies and salsa.

Tell us, “What are some of your quick go too’s for those last minute allergy-free meals?

Posted by katjan at 18 Jan 2014