Happy 2014

I enjoyed the holidays with my family and friends, visiting and of course eating lots.  The kids were glad to have a good long break from school.  On the food front, there was only one accidental allergen exposure.  My daughter had some yummy homemade turkey soup, low and behold her mouth ended up getting all tingly and itchy. Hmmm…what could it be?…Oh you fried the vegetables in a bunch of butter before putting in the soup….really.  When you don’t deal with food allergies in your home on a daily basis, something like this you wouldn’t even realize, oh yeah the butter has dairy in it.

It was all good, but would of been nice to know that beforehand.   I did ask if the pasta was egg-free and just assumed the vegetables were just thrown in and simmered with the soup. Another gentle reminder of checking the ingredients and not assuming it’s all good to go.

Well looking forward to the New Year and keeping up with the allergy information and would love to hear some feedback or stories from my allergy friends.

Posted by katjan at 8 Jan 2014