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I was looking for an outlet where I can spread information and my experience dealing with Allergies and Asthma. My oldest daughter has had multiple food allergies since the age of six months which then contributed to her developing asthma. She is doing very well as we keep a close eye on selecting the right foods and staying away from triggers that she reacts to. As she entered into the school system, where I can’t be with her all day, I have kept everyone informed and she is now old enough to verbalize what she can and can’t consume. This made me want to also create some products such as alert bracelets and cases for asthma and epi-pen medication that she could wear or have in her backpack. It has to look trendy and cool though, as she puts it.

Also over the years and three children later, I have created many easy and tasty recipes that I have tweeked so that she can always eat the same as the rest of the family. I have put together a recipe book which is full of dairy-free, egg-free and peanut-free recipes. Also some good travelling ideas for heading out of town and eating at other peoples houses or restraunts. You always have to have back-up food and snacks for your allergic child, it makes it less stressful when you are prepared. I have found though there is a lot at the grocery store for snacking and meals if you haven’t prepared something ahead of time, just know your labels that’s all.

I hope that you find my information and products very useful, please check out the blog page for sharing your stories and we can all share ideas to help our kids.


Food Allergies