Home Ec and my allergic child

It’s great to see that my daughter is getting so much out of her first semester of cooking in Home Ec class.  Just because she has multiple food allergies does not stop her from getting in there and preparing food and cooking with her group.  It is actually a very important class for a young allergic child, in that they definitely need to know their way around a kitchen and how to cook.  Food preparation is a very key element for kids with food allergies.  As they get older they will be cooking more for themselves instead of their parents always making their meals.

The first day I went in and spoke with the Home Ec teacher and filled out a form about my daughters allergies and what she cannot eat.  She told me that she needs to bring in her purse to each class that contains her epi-pen and asthma inhaler, not to leave in her locker.  Also that my daughter and her will monitor what she can and cannot taste test, which is probably not much.  She is allergic to dairy, egg, peanut and tree nuts so its pretty limited with what they will be making.

My daughter has come home excited though and talked about the food that they made that day.  Each child contributes making the recipe of the week.  My daughter knows as long as she washes her hands frequently and does not taste test the food, all is good.  So if they were to be frying something like eggs that day, she would contribute by measuring other ingredients.  She knows not to stand over the stove while frying eggs as that may cause an asthma attack for her.  She can crack the egg but must wash her hands thoroughly with soap and water right after.

Even though she can’t try the food in the end,  she is still having fun and staying safe.  It’s all about inclusion and not making kids feel left out.

Posted by katjan at 20 Mar 2014