All you can do is try and hope they don’t react

Canadian pediatricians and allergy specialists are now saying that there is no need to wait to feed your baby potential food allergens.  I totally agree with this, only though if you do not have a family history of food allergies or asthma.  You definitely try either way your kid will be allergic or not allergic doesn’t matter if you wait.

I ate lots of eggs and peanut butter while pregnant with my first child. I then breastfed for 7 months.  My daughter is very allergic to both and it showed up even before the 6 months in the way of eczema.  During my second and third pregnancy I stayed away from eggs and all nuts and my other two are not allergic to either.  I think in a way they are already preprogrammed on their sensitivities and then environmental exposures will then contribute along with the different ways food is processed these days.

I think we just need to cook and eat like our grandmas use to feed us…completely homemade-no prepackaged foods.

Posted by katjan at 3 Dec 2013