“May Contain” or Does It?

So food producers out there, us allergy-free people need to have the appropriate labelling on products at the grocery store.  It gets really confusing for someone that has bought a certain product for years and then all of a sudden it may contain all these ingredients.  Did you change the production line by adding more products that would contain allergens or did you change your recipe for that certain product or did you just change your branding packaging? Let us consumers know.

I am so grateful for all the labelling legislation in the last few years, it is very much needed for making choices on purchasing food products.  Today food allergies and intolerances are at a high and are still growing.  As consumers, we definitely need to know what exactly is in your food product on the shelf because that is our deciding factor when buying food not the price.  What are the ingredients and can my family eat this?

I am worried though that companies may end up over labelling, just for their own companies protection.  I can understand you are worried if anyone happens to react to your product you can say that it is right there on the side of the box.  For my daughter, she has limited off the shelf food products that she can buy. If everything is labelled with an allergen may contain label, it gets confusing on what is safe and what may not be.  There are certain foods we have been buying for years that all of sudden are now labelled, so do we still buy it knowing she was fine with it before the label?

With technology these days your company can easily make a note about a product labelling change so we can know the reasoning for the change as consumers.  Every time I go to the grocery store I still read the side labels, even though I have bought it many times before.

Luckily us allergy-free ingredient watchers always look at labels every time.

Posted by katjan at 10 Oct 2013