Did I touch that?….

Seriously…how many times do I wash my hands in the morning while making breakfast and the kids lunches for school.  You have the eggs, cheese, butter, breads, yogurts, and the milks.  Only if my utensils could talk, they would remind me where they have been, as I’m in my morning brain fog.

Kinda of jealous of those who can just make whatever and not have to think of, this can’t go with that or that can’t go with this.  If you mix up lunches and put the wrong lunch kits in the wrong backpacks, no worries.  I have actually got a phone call once from my daughter saying that she has bitten into the wrong sandwich, that it had cheese. Thank goodness she recognized right away and only had to follow with some Benadryl.

Every family has their morning routines and for our family we work together in the kitchen and keep cross contamination between foods at a low minimum. And wash our hands lots…lol.

Posted by katjan at 13 Sep 2013