Started at the bottom of the allergy curve in early 2000 and the allergy curve just keeps going up

My daughter has had multiple food allergies since 2001.  I had no idea at the time that allergies would become so out of hand 12 years later.  Why such a high rise in food allergies among our children?  There has to be a link between the food we are eating now and that of our ancestors.  I just think that it all comes down to all the processed

food that we are ingesting daily.  Of course though there are also genetic and other factors along with it at play.  We should just go back to eating like we live on a farm and grow everything and cook like our grandmas fed us.  I wonder if you would see a difference.  I never use to be a good cook until my daughter was diagnosed with food

allergies.  Then I didn’t realize just how important it was going to become for me on a daily basis.  I am now glad I make my family delicious meals from scratch, it is definitely a healthier way to cook.

I really hope we can get so that the immune systems of allergic children don’t treat certain foods like this invading, foreign particle attacking them.

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Getting back into the posts here….

So had a good vacation down in California.  Allergies don’t get to take a vacation though. It takes a little daily planning, as you are out of your normal routine, but it is possible to travel with a child with multiple food allergies.

We usually rent a condo instead of a hotel room so that we can have a kitchen to cook and prepare food in.  Some of the restaurants were really good, such as The Rainforest Cafe.  They prepared a nice allergy-free dinner for our daughter which she greatly appreciated.  The parks were good about bringing in some outside snacks for the kids.  Only got one taken away and that was only cause it was in a glass container, so remember plastic containers only.

When away just remember to still read all the labels.  What you buy here that’s the same may contain different ingredients down there.

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It’s so good to see that in the last several years food allergies are being more recognized as a public health concern.  10 years ago when we were dealing with this issue there wasn’t the advocacy and education out there that you see today.  Restaurants are even now jumping aboard and offering certain options on their menus.

People didn’t realize the stress involved with adjusting to a child with food allergies in your everyday lifestyle.  Even to be aware of cross contamination between foods and the utensils you use while cooking and then sharing.  It becomes easier after awhile but you can’t assume that family and friends will follow these cautions.  They don’t have to cook and read every single ingredient label daily.  It just takes gentle reminders though in group situations.  It’s also great when your child is older and more independent and can say, “No thank you,” when offered certain foods.

I will keep you posted on all the updated information that I receive and feel free to share your stories.

Posted by katjan at 11 May 2013

World Allergy Week 2013

It’s World Allergy Week-April 8-14, 2013.  It’s organized by (WAO) World Allergy Organization. They are going to talk about the rising global health problem.

Posted by katjan at 9 Apr 2013

Work in progress

Sorry I have been busy updating my website, a lot of tweeking to be done in the beginning.

Also spring break got me a little distracted.  Hey, I guess that can lead me into a discussion on travelling and what to bring along for food when driving for the day.

When heading out on the highway for a roadtrip you definitely would have to pack up a to go bag, McDonalds just doesn’t cut it for some.  Our road trips are usually the long day ones, so I need to think of some breakfast, lunch and snack ideas.  I like to bring Quaker oatmeal bags, of course the maple and brown sugar ones, cause all you need is some hot water to mix with it.  Muffins and peanut-free granola bars are always easy too.  For lunch just pack up some sandwiches, bagels, apples, carrots, chips.  If you run into supper, a good cold pasta salad with veggies keeps pretty well in an insulated snack bag.  As long as its an olive oil one and not like a mayonnaise or dressing one.  Which it usually isn’t, being allergic to egg and stuff.

You don’t all have to bring snack packs.  We usually stop at a restraunt on the way and order stuff too.

Posted by katjan at 5 Apr 2013

Hot lunch at school

So once a month the school has a hot lunch day for the kids.  They can order pizza and booster juices for that day.  So for my daughter I always make sure I send along some pizza for her.  Safeway has pizza shells in the bread section that we always use and they are great to keep in the freezer so you can pull one out when needed.  Spread some tomato/basil pasta sauce on the dough and then add some chicken or ham and whatever veggies, like spinach.  Put in the oven at 400c for 10min and its ready.  The shells are thin crust so it bakes quickly and you can pretty much put your favorite toppings on…..just not cheese, unless of course its dairy-free.

Oh and for a booster juice, she makes her own with soy yogurt or adds a soy chocolate milk to her lunch kit.

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Guess I should introduce this blog to you….

Knotforme is here to reach out and share our food allergy stories and our yummy allergy-free recipes.  I have three children and its my oldest that seems to have all the food allergies.  My daughter has taught me to get in the kitchen and bake from scratch, which is probably healthier anyway than store bought.  I cook everything for my family and then just tweek the ingredients a bit so that she eats the same as us, not too hard once you get use to cooking that way.  If we eat out at a restraunt, I just bring her main dish with us.  Restraunts are usually good with warming up hers when our food comes to the table.  Most restraunts will have some choices on the menu that she can order as sides too.

Have lots to share and looking forward to hearing how you manage your childs allergies on a daily basis.


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Cupcake Recipe

Alright…have to remember what those chocolate cupcakes were made with?

Yeah we went away at the beginning of February and I always take my purple snack bag with me on the plane with lunches and snacks for the kids.  On the way home though I left it under the seat from Vancouver.  I can always pick up another snack bag but in the front pocket I had some of my favorite recipe cards in the front zipper, cupcake recipe being one of them.  I put them in there at the last minute, usually I would put the recipe cards in my suitcase.

Why I have recipe cards on our vacations is because we usually rent condos that have a full kitchen.  Still have to make foods for my daughter who has all the food allergies.  Most of the recipes I brought on this last trip though I have made so many times I could probably make them with my eyes closed.

Well here it goes:

Chocolate cupcakes for Birthdays, etc…

1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

3/4 cup white sugar

pinch of salt

1/4 cup cocoa

5 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp vinegar

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup water

Mix, Add to cupcake cups and Bake at 350 for 20min.

Can also leave out the cocoa to make vanilla cupcakes.

Can also put in a square pan to make a flat cake but would bake for 30min.

Also feel free to add some dairy-free chocolate chips.



Posted by katjan at 14 Mar 2013

Always making cupcakes or cake

These are my mini chocolate chip cupcakes… daughter decided to put icing on them. The recipe is so easy, the go too recipe for birthdays or any excuse to eat cupcakes or cake. Will post the recipe cause you will use it alot, especially with children.

So the first question we could start with is: Do you ask the birthday parent what food they are serving at the kids party?  I always do, that way she can bring similar food and enjoy eating what her friends are eating at the party minus the allergic ingredients.

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